An AZUBI program is a vocational training program or apprenticeship where a student
attends school and works simultaneously, Applicants will apply to companies that are
ceritified as IHK(Industrie und Handelskammer) to train students.

Students earn both theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time, even get paid
during there training where students are offered with stipend every month. This training
program usually starts September 1st of every year.

Upon completion of a vocational training programme, you become a skilled employee.

Skilled employee are in demand in germany and earn more money for their work compared to unskilled

upon completing a vocational program in germany it is an important step towards building a career in germany.

AZUBI Admission Requirements:

General Admission Guidelines

  • Gotogermany Application Form
  • Declaration Form
  • Accomodation Form
  • Notarized copy of 10th grade certificate.
  • Notarized copy of 12th grade certificate.
  • Resume in tabular form with educational background  1st to 12th grade(including  photo, percentage of the results of 10th and 12th grade place, date, signature).
  • Notarized passport copy
  • Passport size photo in good resolution
  • B1 certificate(needs to be available before the visa interview).

Steps for admission

This changes according to the rules and regulations for each program

  • Complete the Application Form and send across the required documents.
  • Wait for our International office to verify/proofread your documents (1 to 2 Weeks).
  • When accepted – students receive admission acceptance form (AAF). It has to be signed and sent back to Gotogermany via email as a scanned copy.
  • Transfer Fees.
  • Open Blocked Bank account in Germany using the AAF.
  • Original admission letter.
  • Skype-interview
  • Apply for Visa.
  • Pack your bags & fly to Germany.

Note :

Student duties during the admission & visa process

The waiting time for the whole process may take upto 3-5 months, all students must learn German language and also indulge in activities related to their studies and living in Germany. Here is where the leaning german, the mcq questions and student tests are carried out.