AQUAS- Academic Qualification for University of Applied Sciences

Aquas  is a specially designed  program for vocational trained students from abroad to pursue bachelor studies of their choice at an University of  Applied Sciences in Germany (FH,HS). They have the possibility to receive the final exam certification Fachhochschulreife (FHR), which allows to pursue further Bachelor studies at German Universities of Applied Sciences afterwards. Students can go on studying any subject of choice offered by the University of Applied Sciences.

Would I need German proficiency too? If yes then upto how much level?

No you don’t need any German prior to joining the AQUAS, German language is taught in AQUAS Program. But we recommend you to learn some basic german as its useful for you to get to know the language and get a feel to it.

After the completion of AQUAS can I get admission in English taught programs in universities?

Yes. You are eligible for any course taught in English or in German in any University of Applied sciences. Again we recommend German taught programs as it provides better career opportunities in Germany. Also you will be proficient in Geramn language upon completion of the AQUAS Program

In which language this Aquas course will be taught?

The coursework is taught in German. Initially German language is taught and afterwards the subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Informatics are taught via German medium such that students understand the concept better. English is also a subject taught during the AQUAS.

During this course, am I allowed to do part time job?

As per the visa guidelines, foreign students are allowed to do part time during the Semester Breaks.

Is this institute private or public?

The institute is a Private School with the licence to conduct the FHR exam (Fachhochschulreife Exam).

I have 10th certificate, diploma certificate (10+3), IELTS certificate, and other co curricular activities certificates. Can I apply ?

Yes you can apply. AQUAS (FHR Exam) is the only way for foreign students to study Bachelors in Germany.

Can I Join TU’s or other universities?

After successfully passing AQUAS Program (FHR – Fachhochschulreife Exam), students can study bachelors at any University of Applied sciences (FH-Fachhochschulen) not at the Universities or Technical Universities (As Vocational training is more applied and University is more research based). There are 200 plus FH’s in Germany.

Can I change my field of study at Bachelors?

Yes. You are eligible for all the programs offered by the FH’s after completion of AQUAS. For eg. You have done Mechanical Diploma (Vocational training) or Biology in Schooling plus 1 year etc. can now change to Information Technology, or Electronics Bachelors too.

What happens if I fail the FHR exam can I write again?

Yes. The Exam could be repeated after 4 weeks. Once again if the candidate fails need to redo the FHR after one year.

I have 13 years of studies (10 years schooling plus 3 years of Diploma (Vocational training). Can I join direct 2nd year Bachelors?

No Lateral entry exists. Vocational training is not considered to be a study as its more practical oriented than a study. So all candidates must complete the FHR exam in order to start the Bachelors.

  • German language
  • Technical related subjects  (Physics, Mathematics)
  • English
  • Social and cultural program
  • Final exam which allows to study at  Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany (subject as per students´ choice)

Students eligible to study in any University of applied sciences in Germany (FH, HS), depending on the final marks.

Eligible for all Bachelor programs available at the University.

E.g. Automobile, Mechanical, Electrical, IT, Computational, Architecture, Gaming etc. & all Management, Bio Medical related bachelor programs.

How to Apply

1. Complete the Application Form and send across the required documents, wait for our International office to verify/proof-read your documents (1 to 2 Weeks)
2. When accepted students receive admission acceptance form. It has to be signed and sent back to Gotogermany via email as a scanned copy.
3. Transfer Fees
4. Open Blocked Bank account in Germany
5. Skype-interview
6. After Skype-interview Gotogermany sends original admission letter
7. Apply for Visa
8. Pack your bags to fly to Germany

Document Checklist

1. AQUAS application form
2. Declaration form
3. Accommodation request form
4. Copy of your final school certificate and if applicable, a university entrance exam certificate of your home country.
5. Officially certified translation of your original certificates (if the originals are not in German or English)
6. Language proficiency test results (Can also be produced before admission but a must for Visa Processing) (IELTS 5.0 or above, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, Cambridge tests are also accepted)
7. Resume in tabular form
8. One passport size photo in good resolution
9. Passport copy

(Note: All copies should be notarized.)