German Blocked Account for International Visa Applicants

A German Blocked Bank Account is proof to show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while living in Germany. This is a mandatory account that every student or vis applicant must have and deposit 8640€ in that account. The money the student deposits in it is used to cover the cost of accommodation, food, clothes, and leisure activities when being in Germany. The embassy needs to see that you have opened a blocked account and deposited the exact amount in it.

How to open a Blocked Account?

This account can be opened upon your admission to German University. All students must go to their respective consulates to book a prior appointment for getting the blocked account form stamped by the consulate (only with an admission letter and duly filled blocked account form it is possible). This really takes around 6 to 8 weeks and then also the process from Germany (Deutsche Bank) to proof your documents and get back with the account details. There are no contact numbers in bank and students could only Email. So we strongly advise students to apply for admission as early as possible pay the fees and get the admission letter.

For late joiners or those who wants to quicken this process, we have an alternative (only for Indian students at the moment) that they could open a bank account in an Indian Deutsche Bank and then via them process the blocked account, in this way the process is faster But the Indian Deutsche Bank will ask the student to open an account in their bank and also deposit some X amount in their account. More information (Partners & Agents), do contact our admission office for the contact to Deutsche bank India.

Important Note: Blocked account regulations and bank charges are subject to change without prior notice. Whatever regulation and cost applies at the time of admission, will have to be borne by the student.