Apply in German University 

You can apply in German Universities at a very low-cost. No need to learn German Language for going to Germany, you can choose any course in English to study in Germany. As there is no barrier to high fees and German Language studying, so now you can start your successful careers and explore yourself in Germany. 

How GTG will help you with Apply to German University Package?

GTG will search for universities that offer various programs in English.

  • GTG will shortlist universities that offer courses as per the candidate’s choice.
  • GTG will prepare applications for each university that you are interested in. (each application cost 100 to 120 Euros)
  • You can apply to a maximum of 3 universities.

Will Apply to German University Package cover all the expenses?

No. It is ONLY for application & University selection process. Most of state Universities in Germany are free of cost. Also Germany is offering now more free English taught programs. Living costs is the only thing that needs to be covered by the student. Students need to open a blocked account and deposit 10,236€ (853€ per month) to cover the costs. Germany also allows students to do part-time jobs (20 hours per week).The nominal hourly wages are 9.19€/hr.

What are the chances I get an admission?

The chances vary anywhere between 10 to 85% depending on the course selection, seat availability, number of candidates applying, reputation of the university, and many more factors.

Can I apply for more universities?

Yes, Each additional application for a university will cost extra. You can buy add on packs.

How can I ensure a guaranteed seat?

For English based courses we can’t guarantee any admissions at any university. However, for a few programs/courses we can help you get the seats. Talk to our friendly counselors to find out about your situation.

For all the German-based programs we can guarantee admission as per the candidate’s choice. Also for most of the German language-based programs the tuition fees are very minimal.

What if I don’t get a seat after applying for 3 universities?

You can top up with Add on the pack that guarantees a seat through the German language.

Would I need German proficiency prior joining the course?

No, if you wish to study in English it’s not necessary for you to learn the German language, but if you want to enroll in German-based courses it’s mandatory to have a B2 level of qualification in the German language.

During this course, am I allowed to do a part time job?

As per the visa guidelines, foreign students are allowed to do part-time during the Semester Breaks.

Is this institute private or public?

The institute is a Private School with the licence to conduct the FHR exam (Fachhochschulreife Exam).

​How to Apply

1. Complete the Application Form and send across the required documents, wait for our International office to verify/proof-read your documents (1 to 2 Weeks)
2. When accepted students receive admission acceptance form. It has to be signed and sent back to Gotogermany via email as a scanned copy.
3. Transfer Fees
4. Open Blocked Bank account in Germany
5. Skype-interview
6. After Skype-interview Gotogermany sends original admission letter
7. Apply for Visa
8. Pack your bags and fly to Germany

Every student  need to open a blocked account and also 8640€ deposited in that account. The money the student deposits in it is used to cover the cost of  accommodation,food,clothes and leisure activities when being in Germany .The embassy needs to see that you have opened a blocked account and deposited the exact amount in it.

How to open a Blocked Account?

All students must go to their respective consulates to book a prior appointment for getting the blocked account form stamped by the consulate (only with an admission letter and duly filled blocked account form it is possible). This really takes around 6 to 8 weeks and then also the process from Germany (Deutsche Bank) to proof your documents and get back with the account details. There are no contact numbers in bank and students could only Email. So we strongly advise students to apply for the admission as early as possible pay the fees and get the admission letter.

For late joiners or those who wants to quicken this process, we have an alternative (only for Indian students at the moment) that they could open a bank account in an Indian Deutsche Bank and then via them process the blocked account, in this way the process is faster But the Indian Deutsche Bank will ask the student to open an account in their bank and also deposit some X amount in their account. More information (Partners & Agents), do contact our admission office for the contact to Deutsche bank India.

Important Note: Blocked account regulations and bank charges are subject to change without prior notice. Whatever regulation and cost applies at the time of admission, will have to be borne by the student.

Type of Visa

International applicants have to apply for a national visa. This kind of visa can be renewed. If you apply for Schengen visa, there is no possibility to stay or to extend the visa in Germany after the stipulated 3 months or for the number days the Schengen Visa has been issued.

Is there a guarantee for visa?

YES & NO. As you are going to study in a recognized University, in general all students will get the Visa. But if you as a student do not perform well during the interview then it will be difficult to get the Visa. So getting the Visa or not more or less depends upon the student himself.

Will I get a full-time visa?

Consulates/Embassy provides visas for only 90 days, some categories upto 6 months (not for students). Upon arrival in Germany the students need to extend the visa after getting the proper student registration, hostel, city registration bank etc.

Visa Interview Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

All students other than EU Nationals must secure a Visa to enter Germany. The candidate must appear for a personal Interview on a given Date.

VISA Interview is a serious process and interviewers try to access your Skill sets, Behavioural, Cultural & Social Competence.

Here are some TIPS on how to be successful in Visa Interview

  1. Dress Neatly.
  2. No flashy styles.
  3. Do not go in there with Headphones or chewing gum.
  4. Be very polite while answering.
  5. Answer questions short and sweet (but do not leave major points out).
  6. Never indulge in things which you are not familiar with.
  7. Never answer arrogantly or lightly. Visa Interview is a serious JOB. So give that respect what Interviewer deserves. (They work day and night to send only good students to Germany. So their questions might sometime be hard, but that is how it is. So prove you worthiness and show that you deserve to study in Germany).
  8. Be confident. Don’t be scared. Interviewers try to assess you – not there to scare you.
  9. Leave Pauses between sentences. Interviews are there to judge you – meaning; Interviewer should have time to grasp and understand what you are explaining.
  10. It should be a dialogue not just monologue. So interact properly as when necessary.
  11. Do not memorize sentences – It is easily recognizable while you deliver.

Document Checklist

1. Program’s application form
2. Declaration form
3. Accommodation request form
4. Copy of your final school certificate and if applicable, a university entrance exam certificate of your home country.
5. Officially certified translation of your original certificates (if the originals are not in German or English)
6. Language proficiency test results (Can also be produced before admission but a must for Visa Processing) (IELTS 5.0 or above, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, Cambridge tests are also accepted)
7. Resume in tabular form
8. One passport size photo in good resolution
9. Passport copy

(Note: All copies should be notarized.)