Educational Tour with Gotogermany

Educational Tour


This 14 Days of the educational tour is the Industry oriented program that helps students to get a glance at their future student life in Germany. It enables students to be familiar with the German lifestyle, culture, and study opportunities in Germany.

Summer School in Germany

Experience Germany in all its glory. We offers a complete educational tour that will give the students a better understanding of German industry, language, and culture. Visit mega factories and reputed companies, attend expert lectures on studying in Germany, career opportunities, the German language, and technology. Learn the German way of life firsthand.

Highlights of 14Days Educational Tour – 3 countries

  • Get to know the German Campus
  • Mega factory and technology park visits, industrial workshops, insights into health care-sector
  • Industrial/company visits
  • Lectures on German technology and job opportunities
  • Lectures on German language and importance of the language
  • Intercultural Training
  • Live a day like a German – A day long interactive program – meeting German students and locals
  • Visit to Paris and Amsterdam
  • Airport pick up and drop in Europe
  • Boarding and lodging
  • Certificate of participation

Some Highlights of our Industrial Visit, German Internship & Placement

Industrial Visit providing a learning experience in Germany

Educational tours to industries provide an opportunity for students to see and experience real workstations, plants, machines, systems, assembly lines, and interact with highly trained and experienced personnel. This practical learning experience is necessary for students who have to date studied theory only and are unaware of a real production plant’s daily workings.

Internship Training Program with Stipend

4 to 10 months of internship with a stipend of  900 Euros per month to experience the work culture and acquire technical skills. 

Placement Assistance and Counselling for Students

One-to-one assessment and guidance based on the career path aligned for each student. Coordinate with local / German-based companies to arrange interviews and get a work permits (only for overseas).