1. Initially candidate send resume along with registration form.  The details are screened and processed at our German office to ensure candidates’ eligibility and suitability for this program.
  2. Further a video conference is conducted through Skype with our Germany office for about 30 minutes.
  3. Once the candidate is shortlisted, offer letter will be issued directly from our Germany office and a client conditional offer letter to onboard the candidates on successful completion of B2 level language and necessary visa to commence the Azubi program. 
  4. Then candidate can enroll for A1 language training in any of our centers.

We have a pool of highly qualified German language trainers professionally accredited by TELC (The European Language Certificate) that conducts classroom trainings in German language. The course is designed to obtain A1/A2/B1 certification.  We are also having a library and a video-based learning facility in Chennai for students to practice on German language speaking and listening at their own convenience.

Visa, Flight Ticket, German Training and first five months of accommodation and food after the arrival at Germany is totally covered within the amount paid.

Since, German government is short of professional employees, companies are willing to acquire talent from other countries. As India is well known for young and talented people, they have shown special interest to hire students from India.

Hence, we took the responsibility to acquire students from and take care of end-to-end process including documentation, German language training, payment process.

Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune & Bangalore

Yes, currently we are building an e-learning facility for students who are unable to attend classes at our facilities.

Yes, you can work for 10 hours a week.

Generally, a student is expected to continue studying the field of diploma they chose for.  However, for some reasons if a student wishes to change from one to another, they can do it within 60 days of commencement of the program.  Change of course is permitted only once.  

Yes. All the students selected for Azubi program are entitled for a stipend of Euro 800 every month.  This program starts on 1st September 2020.  

Unfortunately, you will not be able to sponsor anyone being a student.

By end of the program you will have a 2 year work visa that allows you to work full time as a regular professional. Candidates need to check the eligibility for blue card at that time and apply for it individually on their own.

Yes, upon completion of diploma, most of the candidates are absorbed by the intern sponsors on a full-time basis. However, if anyone, for any reason if the sponsor didn’t offer a full-time employment, our company will get them a job.

Company will refund all the fees paid in the unlikely case of visa is rejected.  However, when a candidate provides a false or misleading information in the visa application NO refund is provided.

We give priority to students less than 24 years.  However, for Azubi program we strongly recommend an upper age limit of 30.

Yes, there are end semester breaks during winter and summer.

The entire process will be done within a time frame of 3-4 months.

During the 36 months, stipend will be given for the students as per the criteria mentioned below.

First year   € 850

Second year  € 900

Third year €1000

We have arrangements with third party financial service provider. However, eligibility of financial assistance purely depends on individual and their parents borrowing capacity and repayment ability. Each application is decided on case to case basis solely at the discretion of the provider.

Medical Doctors are one of the most sought after field in Germany. Every year the demand for more doctors is increasing. Especially in the field internal medicine Germany faces a big lack. In addition Germany needs psychiatry, anaesthesiology , orthopedics, accident surgery, neurology, surgery, radiology, children- and youth medicine and geriatric medicine. Assistant Doctors are most difficult to find.
These facts are taken from a nationwide survey made by www.kliniken.de from June 2013.

No, during ICPF it´s not possible to earn money. Students are not allowed to work during the coursework. On special cases students are allowed to do part-time work only during holidays and semester breaks.

Facharztweiterbildung is a study (continuing education) to become a super speciality medical doctor. The studies take 6 to 7 years. During the period most of the hospitals/clinics where you do your Facharztweiterbildung provide money as part of the program. As of 2014, it is around 3500 to 4000€  per month

Facharztweiterbildung  means medical super specialization in certain field of medicine like Surgery, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Internal medicine, General medicine etc. After a period of 6 to 7 years, once the candidate passes the exam, then will be conferred as Facharzt (Super Speciality Doctor). For some more information see “Can I earn money during medical specialization?”.

We recommends IELTS exam. The IELTS result should be at least 5.0 for all of  College Programs except for 5 Bachelor Programs: For applying to offered Bachelor Programs ≥ 5.5 is required. Find detailed information about IELTS here.


Alternatively you can do TOEFL Test. There you should reach approximately 40 points. For  Bachelor Programs in offer are approximately ≥ 50 points required. Follow this link:


or Pearson PTE Test. There you should reach more then 46 points.

Vocational Training FAQ's

Most international students will likely need to get a german student visa at a german consulate in their country before they can come to germany to study, and also residence permit for studies at the foreigner’s office.

Following documents are required.

1.proof of university admission

2. university conditional admission confirmation letter.

3.proof of financial resource.

Placement ensured training, top companies are in tie up with our team, every student will be given the chance to placements. 

  1. Graduate completed cerificate.
  2. Residence permit upto 18 months to find work relating to their studies.
  3. University degree certificate or official document from your university confirming you can successfully completed your studies.
  4. Document proving you have health insurance
  5. proof you have means of supporting financially.

Yes you need german, people living in germany  definetly need to learn it.

After your vocational training you need to extend your residence permit for 18 months and if your able to find a job that  you’d like to accept, you should apply for a german residence permit or EU Blue Card.you can remain in germany while your application is pending. 

During the skill development and B2 course accommodation will be arranged by us.