Living in Germany

  • A student would need at least €400-450 for modest living in Germany. This does not include tuition fees, travel expenses and pocket money.
  • Choosing a dormitory, apartment, or house with other German cum English speakers is ideal for non-German speakers. Internet access is usually available for a small fee.
  • Traveling by Bicycle is the best mode of transport within the city limits. So investing money to buy a second-hand bicycle is highly recommend.
  • Study materials tend to be expensive though students get extra discounts from some bookstores. So you can save a lot of money by borrowing the books form library or looking for second-hand books.
  • The Eurolines or other bus services do have good connections to many cities across Europe. The German Bahn (train) though expensive is a fast reliable way to travel.
  • Germany experiences all four seasons in a year. So appropriate clothing is required. Winter clothing is less expensive to buy in Germany than in Asian countries where winter is not so severe.

German Culture

Immerse Yourself in Culture while you study abroad in Germany

Every country has its own rich tradition of culture. It is very important for you as a student to learn and adjust to this new culture and its people. Germany has more than 1000 years of rich cultural heritage and they spend immense money and time to preserve it. It’s best that you spend much time at places where locals hang around, be it a party, restaurants, favorite food, sports, travel, arts, technology you will always find many like-minded people.

Germans do not engage in small talks, they consider it unproductive. Courtesy and punctuality are highly valued by Germans. Address elderly people always with the respect form ‘’Sie’’ and always use Mr (Herr) or Miss/Mrs (Frau) and their second name while addressing them until otherwise they offer that you could call them with their first name. If they have a title (Dr. or Prof.) do include it. E.g. Say you are greeting your professor in the corridor. His name is Max Mueller. Then you should address him as Hallo Prof. Mueller. The ‘’SIR’’ or ‘’MADAM or MAM’’ form of addressing is not in use in Germany. People of your same age or position (hierarchy) you could address them with ‘’du’’ form.

Also Germans expect that a direct eye contact is maintained always and it’s considered very impolite when not keeping direct eye contact during conversations.

Food in Germany

In no time at all you’ll fall in love with German food

German cuisine is as rich and diverse as the country’s culture and history. Germans are well known for their Beer and Oktoberfest. Similarly the German food culture is also very famous. Sauerkraut and Bratwurst are specials in Germany. Potato is the staple food and lots of variations exist. While studying in Germany, you should by all means make sure you try some of the traditional German food. Each region has it’s own specialties, so no matter where you are staying you’ll always be presented with plenty of choice and in no time at all you’ll fall in love with German food.

International shops also exist all over Germany and most likely you will also find a shop selling your country specials. It’s also a good cultural exchange by inviting local or other international friends to try your country specials and vice-versa.

A Safe place to be

Germany is one of the world’s safest countries to live in. Women are respected and are given preferences in many places. Germans are very private people and does not want their privacy to be disturbed. Similarly they do not bother on others privacy. So students need to take care that they respect this culture.