Online Classes


We provide the best teachers in the Industry. All our teachers are highly qualified and have years of German teaching experience.

Our courses are designed corresponding to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

We conduct mock exams to prepare the students for the final exam conducted by Go-to Germany

Allows you to adapt your learning flexibly to your schedule and does not require you to be in any particular place.

Learning German the smarter way

Better Your career prospects in Germany by learning German Language


Online Group Courses

Young Learner’s Courses

Who can apply ?

  • Students

    For all the students who want to study bachelors, masters or other courses. It becomes vital for them to learn the German Language.

  • Professionals

    Who like to start their career in Germany (healthcare professionals, IT, Engineers etc), onshore project employees, business owners from across the World.

  • Hobby learners

    Already you all are excited about a new language and German is a widely spoken language . Besides spoken in Germany, it is also expressed in other regions (Austria, Switzerland, Italy etc).

  • Travelers

    Vacation or visiting for summer programs or career tourism learning basic German is a huge advantage and creates a better interaction with the locals