Student Life in Germany

First Week in Germany:

Gotogermany assists students especially at the beginning to help them feel comfortable in Germany quickly. Students are not alone with their new impressions and their first contact with the foreign culture. The different climate may be difficult but students will get used to it quickly. Students need some time to get used to how things work. From simple things like buying tram tickets to more complex ones like insurance. Gotogermany is there to accompany them. There is no need to worry.

What to expect from Germany as a student?

What students can expect from Germany?

A different culture is always new and exciting. Gotogermany helps students to feel at home. In addition, we noticed that students of the current and former coursework also help each other. Gotogermany gives a seminar called “Do´s and Don´ts in Germany”. Students will be well prepared for living in Germany right from the beginning.

What Germany expects from students?

What is expected from a student in Germany

A student has to join his classes on time. German classes and social/cultural/business-related programs are obligatory. Students must join every program belonging to the coursework. They have to learn that they are responsible for their own effort. That means they should take care of studying hard. Gotogermany provides the necessary content but to study is their own task.

Punctuality is one of the most wanted quality Germany looks for in everyone. 

Germany's Culture Shock

Why it is important to know about culture?

To avoid difficulties and misunderstandings it is always good to know the foreign culture. For studying and working in Germany it is necessary to know about Dos and Don´ts in Germany. Our former students often got to know Germans as polite and helpful people. Their experience shows that speaking German will always break barriers if any.

How Gotogermany can help students to handle this culture shock?

Culture shock is a usual experience for many people who move abroad. Spending some time to learn about local cultural customs and having a basic knowledge of German will help foreign students overcome culture shock in Germany.

How to handle cultural shock?

Social & Cultural integration training is the key offering in all the courses, which makes the students familiar with the culture, traditions, lifestyle, and habits of Germans so that there will be no struggle adapting to the German life, making friends, and moving ahead in the society.


Gotogermany guides and assists from the date of the student’s arrival in Germany onwards. Do’s and don’ts in Germany belong to the first lessons students will be taught. Culture shock is intended to be kept as small as possible. During all Gotogermany programs culture is an integral part. In addition to talks and seminars, Gotogermany is trying to organize contacts with German families so that the students can spend quality time with them by participating in the family’s everyday –life they learn about living in Germany. We also provide thorough orientation towards workplace etiquette and practices through our courses.

Learn and speak the German language, attend local activities, share hobbies with German students, always keep learning about Germany. There is always something more to learn.

To-Do List Before Flying

Money Management

How Much money to carry?

We advise students to carry 500 Euros in cash as the money from the Blocked Account cannot be withdrawn immediately. This way students have money in their hands to pay the deposit for their accommodation.

What is the average spend of the student in Germany?

On average, students in Germany spend 794 euros per month. which includes expenses – such as rent, food, and health insurance – that you simply cannot avoid, though in some cases there are discounts for students.